• Tuneage Tuesday – Chopped & Screwed

      "There are times I forget you're (from) Houston and then you send me 'Forever My Lady' ALBUM chopped and screwed. Lol"   That's the text I got from one of my close friends after I ... Read More

    Tuneage Tuesday – Chopped & Screwed
  • Luvvie in Houston

      This past Saturday blogger/NYT best selling author/wordsmith Luvvie Ajayi was in Houston and I was one of five hundred people in attendance for her lecture.  The Houston Museum of African ... Read More

    Luvvie in Houston
  • Tuneage Tuesday – On Broadway

      So I had a date over on Saturday night and after dinner we were chatting about a few things when the topic of WiFi networks came up.  I told him that if he guessed which one was mine I'd ... Read More

    Tuneage Tuesday – On Broadway