• Words Mean Things

      If you're a fan of 'The Read' like I am then you've heard Crissle & West say that phrase 50-11 times.  It's such a simple yet true statement that folks tend to not think about.  She's ... Read More

    Words Mean Things
  • Tuneage Tuesday: Urbanist Unfiltered Relaunch

      Remember when I said I was taking on a bigger responsibility in YP?  Well, part of that included bringing back the podcast 'Urbanist Unfiltered' and the first episode of season 2 was ... Read More

    Tuneage Tuesday: Urbanist Unfiltered Relaunch
  • My Favorite iOS13 Features

      Apple rolled out their new iOS when they dropped the new phones and while I was hesitant to roll up, especially since iOS 13.0 was rumored to be unstable.  I did it anyway and updated to ... Read More

    My Favorite iOS13 Features