• New Office Digs

      We got moved to a temporary office after our office got flooded out and after several trips back and forth between our powerless building and our new one we're all set up.  We're sitting in ... Read More

    New Office Digs
  • Tuneage Tuesday – Gavin’s Song

      I've blogged about my love for Marc Broussard numerous times.  I've posted about his concerts, shared favorite songs and even posted a few selfies with him on here.  It's no secret that I've ... Read More

    Tuneage Tuesday – Gavin’s Song
  • Wanderlusting – I’m on my way to Barcelona

      By the time you read this post I'll be in the air and heading towards Barcelona.  I can't believe this trip is already here, it feels like just yesterday I found that great airfare deal and ... Read More

    Wanderlusting – I’m on my way to Barcelona