• Twenty Spring Post Ideas

      Spring is here!  It's been here for a while, but Houston can't get it's act together so we've gone back and forth between cooler and sweltering days, but I think the warmer days are here to ... Read More

    Twenty Spring Post Ideas
  • Tuneage Tuesday – Not in the Mood

      I came across this old playlist last week and ended up letting it play just about the whole work day.  I created it after ending things with an ex flame and I needed to wash him out of my ... Read More

    Tuneage Tuesday – Not in the Mood
  • Life Lately (via Snapchat & IG)

    I haven't done one of these posts so this is probably long overdue.  If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you've probably seen some of these posts, but I thought I'd share them with the blog fam ... Read More

    Life Lately (via Snapchat & IG)